PROSADEH is a public, nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of Health and Human Rights.

We provide and help develop the skills, humanitarian aid, information, and resources that are essential to living safe, healthy lives. Through a combination of clear vision, strong leadership and collaborative partners we directly benefit the health and well-being of millions of people.

To address existing and emerging issues of health and human rights in the various regions of the world we implement proven and innovative processes. PROSADEH addresses these challenges directly as well as supporting and empowering other health and human service organizations in their efforts to promote health and human rights across the globe.

PROSADEH promotes policies and civil society campaigns that seek to strengthen and establish healthy and democratic societies that respect the human rights of all. We also play a leadership role in building international coalitions to confront humanitarian crises and work to encourage a more interconnected, transparent and active global community.

PROSADEH operates under international best practice standards of accountability, transparency, and responsibility to ensure that donations made will reach those in need. The foundation issues quarterly updates and annual reports to the public.


PROSADEH’s mission is to help people and communities achieve healthy, free, and peaceful lives by:

  • Building capacity and skills at all levels of the health care system through training, technical assistance, and expert mentoring
  • Providing humanitarian support and donations including medical supplies, medicines and volunteer medical help that addresses existing gaps and needs… particularly during disasters and emergencies
  • Assisting communities and individuals protect their rights, improve their lives and livelihoods, and have a say in decisions that affect them.


Our Values – PROSADEH and its partners seek to help in solving the world’s most pressing problems because we believe that all lives have equal value, no matter where they are lived—in wealthy countries with advanced healthcare systems or poor countries with almost none; in free democratic nations with representation for the masses or in closed societies where one’s voice is rarely or never heard.

We also believe that from those to whom much is given, much is expected. That is why we feel a tremendous responsibility to give back. In all our work, we embrace and draw inspiration from our core principles:

  1. To achieve our mission for Health Education and Promotion we focus on diseases and health conditions that cause the most illness and death around the world and receive the least attention and resources.
  1. To further the Advancement of Human Rights and Development we engage in systems change that involves or uses one or more of the following strategies: Health Advocacy, Changes in public policy and practice, Coalition-building, Innovative approaches and solutions, Corporate Social Responsibility programs, Utilizing arts and media for health education.
  1. In addition, we work with organizations that are engaged in strategic analysis and action and are committed to the following: Accountability, Democratic conditions and practices, Evaluation, Public-Private Partnerships, Strategic planning, and, gender equity.
  1. We believe in and fully utilize the power of science and technology to improve people’s lives;
  1. We seek to empower the disadvantaged, especially women and children;
  1. We are deeply committed to the concept of partnerships. All of the issues we’re tackling require the talents and resources of many people and many different organizations.
  1. We hold ourselves and our partners accountable for transparency and measurable results, including social and financial performance;
  1. We first seek to form partnerships with those who can advance our mission before acting alone;
  1. We respect, invest in and promote local social leaders and local ownership; and,
  1. We honor the voice, professionalism and integrity of our staff volunteers, consultants, and partners.



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